Hot Dog Festivals = LOTS of FUN!

If you’ve never been to a hot dog festival I highly recommend the experience. Meghan and I participated in this hot dog festival last weekend after the Bun Run and had a blast! And by participated, I mean, consumed a massive amount of food. All eating aside, who would have thought a hot dog festival would be so much fun? Now, you obviously have to either like hot dogs and/or real dogs because that’s what it’s all about. And how could you not like this cute thing? I don’t know if she won or not, but she was by far my favorite contestant in the Pooch Parade.

Next up, the wiener dog races! Wiener dog fans, listen up! You must head to Huntington for the largest wiener dog race IN THE COUNTRY! That’s right, 101 wiener dogs participated in this race and we stuck around to cheer for them all. Here’s a clip to share the excitement with you.

We also got to see the hot dog eating contest, which is gross, so I won’t post pictures and the 2nd place guy was a very sore loser – threw a big fit! Really, guy? This isn’t the real hot dog eating contest? You are 2nd out of 7, and only ate 16 dogs, get over it! Anyway…

Meghan and I did enjoy some yummy hot dogs (before watching the eating contest) as well as, corn on the cob, fries and the best fresh squeezed lemonade ever! My favorite hot dog – the nacho dog … start with a plain hot dog, layer jalapeños, nacho cheese, chilli, and top it off with crushed up tortilla chips … DELICIOUS! By two o’clock we were ready to start our 7 hour trek home, but not before getting our free hot dogs. We strategically placed them on the dashboard of the car to keep them warm. However, we didn’t consider the fact that the bun would be nice and crusty by the time we ate them for dinner.

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4 Responses to Hot Dog Festivals = LOTS of FUN!

  1. Meghan says:

    Who knew hot dog festivals could be so much fun!!! I could go for a hot dog right now actually!

  2. Rebecca Avra says:

    I think Lily Belle may need to be in that weiner dog run next year!!

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  4. Robin says:

    Toooo fun! I love the dog pic! and now, I want a hot dog for lunch!

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