Matthan’s birthday is coming up and we’ve been busy preparing for his party.  The one thing he’s been most excited about and anxiously waiting for is the arrival of his piñata, all the way from Mexico.  This is a thank you to my wonderful friend Karla and my dad, Abuelito, for making this happen!

All we’ve got to do now is fill it up with candy!


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12 Responses to Gracias!

  1. Nichole K says:

    Wow! That is will take a LOT of candy! :)

  2. Megret says:

    Now THAT’s a pinata! :)

  3. Amy says:

    What a cool pinata!!!

  4. Karla says:

    Vane!!! que bueno que si le gusto la piñata!!! me da muchisimo gusto!! ademas que bueno que todavia no sabe leer muy bien, pues realmente no dice Dodge…jajaja…como que le inventaron ahi el nombre…pero bueno, da la finta, no??? jajaja….que la disfruten mucho y a ver cuanto se tardan en romperla!!!
    Aparte, me encanto que se queria subir al carro….cositas…can I get in on it??? cute…i love him!! send him a lot of kisses from me also on his birthday!!
    have a great party!!

  5. gillian says:

    that’s the biggest pinata i’ve ever seen!

  6. sky says:

    I so adore your son! advance Happy Birthday to that cute lil boy!

  7. That is so precious! And the fact that he knew immediately that it’s a Dodge car? Hilarious! Happy birthday, Matthan!

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  9. Bailey says:

    Matthan what a cool party you had can you come make my party fun. you did such a good job hitting the Pinata.i love you soooooooooooooooo much.

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  11. Amanda says:

    A great idea! I saw that the Pinata came from Mexica, do you know if I can order one online? My little boy is turning 4 and I would love to order one for his party as well! Thanks for posting! Isn’t this a wonderful age!?!

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