A different kind of “love” post …

I’m not going all mushy and gushy and I’m not going the spiritual route either. Nope, this post is straight up selfish and materialistic … you can count on me for that once in a while. This is probably not the best follow-up to my contentment post, but hey, I’m keeping it real and, I’m a work in progress.

So, here’s my question … what is something you would absolutely LOVE to have for yourself this Valentine’s Day (or, any day)? Not something to give away or to help others, strictly for you.

I can think of several, but I’ll give you my top three at the moment …

1. A laptop – I would be much more productive with catching up on my DVR shows and my internet browsing if I could do both at the same time. Everyone at home would win with my time management! : )

2. A master bedroom makeover – y’all I would show you a picture of our bedspread but I’m too embarrassed.  I’ll just tell you that we had to flip it over to hide the tears and stains from changing babies on our bed.  I would love to come home to a brand, new room!

3. A maid! This is by far the one I would want the most … to have someone clean up the little boy pee puddles in our bathrooms, swipe the never ending layers of dust and keep our floors clean would be simply amazing!

Your turn. What would you LOVE to have?

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8 Responses to A different kind of “love” post …

  1. Sara says:

    I would love a new wardrobe! (After I lose the baby/mommy weight!) And I’d love a trip with Matt – an all inclusive, relaxing trip! And a master bedroom makeover – I’ll steal your idea! We’re currently using a “dusty rose” colored blanket as our comforter! yikes! :) It is not pretty!

  2. Renee says:

    hmmmmm…..something just for ME!?!? Well, I really would love to have an Ipad…I just think it would be the coolest. Hey….I like this thinking about what I want…Thanks! :-)

  3. Amy says:

    A manicure and pedicure. I think having 2 hours of pampering would do a world of good!
    Right now that’s what I want.

  4. Amy says:

    When the maid finishes at your house….can she come to mine? Like everyday. I would LOVE that!

  5. Michelle says:

    I’d love to have a cook. I just simply don’t really like to cook.
    I’d also like a laptop- preferable a Mac :)
    I’d like to have a family vacation. It’s been 7 years since we’ve been on a family vacation.

  6. Michelle says:

    How are you doing on your scripture memory?
    I’ve got my verses in my head and they are growing in meaning for me each time I say them. Also an update, my Tuesday Bible study group will begin Beth Moore’s Psalms of the Ascent study next week- I am excited, have you ever done that study?!! Today our group takes a rest by meeting at a somewhat local make your own pancake place!

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