The Best Thing You Can Do

I recently had the opportunity to hear from Amy Groeschel at a retreat for pastors’ wives. She was full of wisdom, gentleness and love. She had amazing things to say, but what stood out to me the most and I can’t stop thinking about is this …

“The best gift we can give to others is our relationship with the Lord. Everything else flows from that.”

Yep, you would think I would have that one down, yet it’s a constant struggle. It’s a struggle to daily choose my time with the Lord above starting on my long list of things to do (or, sleep a little bit longer). It’s easy to get sidetracked with the good things I am doing for my family, my friends, at church and forget the most important thing I can do is spend time with Him.

She is absolutely right – everything, everything will be an overflow of what’s truly going on in my heart. And, goodness gracious I want that overflow to be full of Jesus, full of love, mercy, grace, kindness, patience. But the reality is that many days (more days than I care to admit) that is so not what’s coming out because I do everything else first and give my leftovers to my relationship with Him.

I don’t want mediocre to be who I am, and that’s what leftovers will get ya. I am His and He is first, and I want the overflow of my heart in every single thing I do to reflect that.

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