Let it Go!

Last week we had some amazing posts about making this wonderful Christmas season, peaceful, fun, simple and thoughtful. I think as girls, no matter what we say, we really do want everything to turn out so perfectly and movie scene worthy (with a great soundtrack none the less).

I dream of a perfect family night decorating our Christmas tree … with chocolate chips cookies and hot chocolate for all, while Christmas music is playing in the background and we are all joyfully prancing around … But, that’s just not reality.

Reality is hauling our pre-lit tree (to avoid fights) out of the attic and putting babies down for naps while we get it done. No cookies, no music, no hot chocolate! We can get to those later.

Reality is planning to go visit Santa, getting the kids ready and looking cute and having one of them throw up all over the place just before leaving.

Reality is preparing a meal and having it ready to go, just to turn slightly the wrong way and knock the entire thing on the floor.

Reality is setting aside 20 minute for a quick online order than ends up taking over an hour, making your blood boil and the kids go absolutely nuts.

I could go on and on …

What I’m working on though, is letting go of those perfect picture moments, days and seasons. They just aren’t reality. Let’s release those expectations and embrace life for what it is – messy, unexpected, imperfect and without a fun soundtrack in the background! I believe that if we can do that, then our holidays (and days in general) will be much more enjoyable!

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2 Responses to Let it Go!

  1. love it! Lower expectations… less prozac/ fewer crying kids/ more smiles!! #brilliant

  2. Lucia says:

    Very determined to do it this year!! love it! Let’s embrace the throw up, crying and non-breakable ornaments (if you look from way back, they almost look like the real ones, right :)

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