Women at War


We all do it. As women and as moms we look at what others have or do well and immediately compare it to what we don’t have or do well.

She’s more organized than I am. Her house is immaculate while mine is a always a mess.

She is so good at planning fun activities for her kids, she’s so patient and fun with them while I get easily flustered and “fun times” end up with everyone in tears.

She’s so great at decorating. She’s set up a beautiful home and done it so inexpensively while I don’t even know where to hang the first picture.

She’s a master at craft time with the little ones. They are doing something creative almost every day while there is no way I am pulling out the play-doh and paint and losing my mind in the process.

She looks amazing! Her baby weight was gone the minute she walked out of the hospital while mine has lingered well over two years.

She has super smart kids. She’s so patient in teaching them new things and reading book after book with her kids while I don’t even have many books at the house.

She has impecable taste and style and always looks so put together while my hair looks crazy and my shirt always has some kind of baby stain on it.

I could go on and on …

We do this. We spend our days, our time, our energy comparing ourselves to others while making ourselves feel like absolute failures in the process. The truth is, I have never met a single mom who has it all together. We’re all good at somethings and not so great at others. That’s the beauty of it all. We are uniquely created, uniquely gifted. I’ve learned that comparison is an absolute joy killer. And, more importantly than if my house looks great, my body amazing, my kids put together I want joy. So here’s a challenge –  let’s stop comparing and let’s start celebrating each other.

Let’s celebrate each other’s differences, encourage each other, support each other, be there for each other. Goodness knows being a woman is tough enough as it is; why are we making it harder on ourselves by comparing and thinking we should be more like someone we were not created to be? Let’s complement each other and lift each other up! And above all embrace your gifts, who God created you to be and be God’s best version of YOU!

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One Response to Women at War

  1. Karla says:

    Loved it , loved it!!! So true!! And let me tell you YOU are so gifted in writing such beautiful things with such beautiful combination of words!! I could never do that!! I celebrate you!!! Love you my friend!!!

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